About us


JC TAPE CO., LTD. is a professional supplier for Surface Protection Tape, Cloth & Duct Tape, 3M tape, sales for various industrial adhesive tapes, the company equipped with adhesive tape coating machine, rolled tape slitting machine, tape rewinding machine, it is available for custom-made tape in various sizes.

PE protective film is mainly for protecting surface material, the main character is dust-proof, anti-scratch, heat resistant, easy to tear off, without glue remains, with high cleanness, with high elongation, etc. features, it is suitable for protection in various manufacture processing application.

JC TAPE CO., LTD. making multi-use cloth tapes for their own brand LIKS®.
LIKS® Fluorescent cloth tape, LIKS® Camouflage gaffers tape, LIKS® Gaffer tape, LIKS® Colored duct tape, LIKS® Hazard warning cloth tape, LIKS® Anti-UV cloth tape.

We are also available for custom-made designing production adhesive tape with customer's brand; it is helpful for selling tape products in Wal-Mart, Costco, Amazon, and eBay, etc. hypermarket and online retailer.

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